Implant Supported Dentures

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When you are missing one or two teeth, dental implants can be used to secure a dental crown and restore full strength and function to your smile. However, when several teeth in a row or an entire arch of teeth need to be replaced, single crown restorations are not the most effective option.

The Boston implant dentists at Charles River Dental take time to customize treatment plans for each patient we see. Offering a number of dental implant options, we will work to ensure your treatment restores strength and beauty, while meeting all of your specific needs.

If you are missing several teeth and would like to learn more about your replacement options, please contact Charles River Dental online or by calling (617) 939-9579 to schedule a consultation with one of our Boston implant dentists.

Dentures Supported by Dental Implants

Implant supported dentures allow patients to enjoy the benefits of dental implants while still addressing multiple missing teeth. Dentures secured to dental implants are able to function more like natural teeth and, thanks to the strong hold offered by implants, will not slip or fall out at inopportune times.

There are two types of implant supported dentures:

  • Ball retained partial dentures – balls on the back of these dentures secure into sockets in the implants
  • Bar retained full dentures – bars on the back of these dentures snap into brackets on the implants

Which type of implant supported denture is best for you depends on factors unique to your smile. These options, along with alternative forms of tooth replacement can be discussed in more detail during your Boston dental implant consultation.

To schedule a consultation with one of our experienced Boston implant dentists, please contact us today. Our dentists provide individualized tooth replacement solutions for men and women living in Boston, Cambridge, and surrounding areas of Massachusetts.