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Dental hygiene can seem complex. We are bombarded daily with advertisements about the best dental products, and the isles of supermarkets are filled with an ever growing assortment of odd dental hygiene devices. However, taking proper care of your teeth and gums doesn’t require much at all. In fact, with a daily routine and twice yearly, or as recommended,  visits to our downtown Boston general dentists for professional hygiene cleanings and examinations, you can help keep your mouth clean and your smile attractive for a lifetime.

As of April 2012, Charles River Dental now offers the caries prevention program CAMBRA to all patients. The program goal is to prevent oral disease by helping patients reduce related risk factors. Short for “Caries Management by Risk Assessment,” CAMBRA is an assessment tool used to identify patients’ oral health behaviors and pinpoint risk factors contributing to decay.

Our Boston dentists and hygienists provide the following services:

  • Personal consultations about the patient’s medical status, diet, medications, and history of fluoride use and tooth decay.
  • Treatment recommendations, including frequency of exams, hygiene appointments and use of calcium phosphate with fluoride varnishes.
  • Personalized recommendations for lowering the patient’s oral disease risk factors. These often focus on behavioral measures, such as changes to diet, brushing and flossing habits, and use fluorides with calcium phosphate.

Your Role in Dental Hygiene

Your daily routine needn’t be complicated. You can help keep your teeth and gums healthy by simply:

  • Brushing your teeth – After every meal and snack with a soft bristle toothbrush and a toothpaste containing fluoride
  • Flossing – At least once a day, in between every tooth from crown to gum line

While there is some evidence that electric toothbrushes are more effective at removing plaque, any toothbrush, when used regularly, will help remove stains, prevent cavities, and keep your teeth clean.

Office Visits

Your daily routine is essential, but not sufficient for optimal oral health. To ensure the best oral health possible, you should visit our office for general dentistry services every six months. These visits allow our Boston general dentists to examine your teeth and gums for issues such as tooth decay and periodontal disease, enabling us to provide prompt treatment before issues get out of control. They also allow us to professionally clean your teeth, completely removing plaque and tartar, and polishing your teeth for a bright, healthy-looking smile.

Our Boston general dentists use the CAMBRA method of assessing your risk for cavities and oral diseases, allowing us to tailor treatments to meet your unique needs. We use digital x-ray technology to examine indicators of disease such as current and historical amount of tooth decay. We also take into account your dietary habits, current prescription medications, medical conditions, and dental hygiene habits to provide you with comprehensive preventative treatments.

The early detection of potential oral health risks is vital for your overall health. Oral health issues are linked to heart attack, stroke, and diabetes among other systemic issues and, since most dental issues are both progressive and interrelated, early and preventative treatment can be incredibly useful in guarding your general health. We would be happy to discuss this with you in more detail during your regularly scheduled hygiene cleaning appointments.

If you live in or around Boston, Massachusetts and are due for a dental visit, please contact Charles River Dental today to schedule an appointment. We also welcome out-of-town and international guests.